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Train: R 769 Berounka

Route: Klatovy - Prague

Carrier: České dráhy, a.s.

Route and schedule for: Sun, 25 Feb

1. Klatovy14:280
2. Švihov u Klatov14:3714:3710
3. Borovy14:4314:4418
4. Lužany14:4714:4722
5. Přeštice14:5114:5226
6. Chlumčany u Dobřan14:5814:5933
7. Dobřany15:0415:0538
8. Plzeň zastávka15:1615:1751
9. Plzeň hl.n.15:1915:2153
10. Rokycany15:3115:3271
11. Kařez15:4215:4391
12. Hořovice15:5015:51102
13. Zdice15:5715:58114
14. Beroun16:0716:13125
  • The train does not wait for any connections.
15. Srbsko16:1816:19131
16. Karlštejn16:2316:24135
17. Praha-Smíchov16:46162
  • Connection to the underground
  • Seat reservation is available
  • The train has a carriage with wireless internet connection
  • AC 230 V outlet is available
  • Section for women
  • Car or compartments reserved for passengers with children up to 10 years
  • transport of luggage with possibility to make reservation of place for bicycle and passenger, in some trains only for bicycle
  • Suitable for disabled passengers (wheelchairs); the transportation has to be reserved in advance
  • Line R16
  • Valid also travel documents IDPK (Klatovy->Kařez)
  • Valid also travel documents PID (Kařez->Praha-Smíchov)