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Train: ICE 92 Berolina

Route: Vienna - Berlin

Carrier: ÖBB Personenverkehr

Route and schedule for: Mon, 15 Apr

1. Wien Hbf10:130
2. Wien Meidling10:1810:205
3. St.Pölten Hbf10:4410:4669
4. Linz Hbf11:3211:34189
5. Passau Hbf12:3112:33273
6. Straubing13:1013:12361
7. Regensburg Hbf13:3113:33407
8. Nürnberg Hbf14:2814:36513
9. Coburg15:2715:29623
10. Erfurt Hbf16:0216:05719
11. Halle(Saale)Hbf16:3816:40823
12. Berlin Südkreuz17:4517:47998
13. Berlin Hbf (tief)17:5318:051005
14. Berlin-Spandau18:1318:151019
15. Hamburg Hbf19:5120:021309
  • Stops only for getting off.
16. Hamburg-Altona Hbf20:151315
  • There are cars with 1st and 2nd class
  • Suitable for disabled passengers (wheelchairs)
  • ÖBB transport (Austrian Federal Railways) (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Restaurant car (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Comfortable checkin, see http://bahn.de/komfortcheckin (Passau Hbf->Hamburg-Altona)
  • Transportation of limited number of bicycles is allowed (Passau Hbf->Hamburg-Altona)
  • Transportation of limited number of bicycles is allowed (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Required reservation for bicycles
  • Quiet zones; not for mobile telephonists (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Compartment for passengers with children (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Place for wheelchairs, requires reservation on +43 (0) 5 1717 (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • WC accessible for disabled passengers (wheelchairs) (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Place for wheelchairs (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Wi-Fi connection is available (Wien Hbf->Passau Hbf)
  • Line: 91 (Passau Hbf->Hamburg-Altona)
  • Border crossing [A/D]: Passau Hbf
  • From the station Passau Hbf (dep. 12:33) train no. 92