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Train: R 951 Hradečan

Route: Prague - Hradec Králové

Carrier: České dráhy, a.s.

Route and schedule for: Tue, 16 Apr

1. Praha hl.n.17:090
  • Connection to the underground
  • Train nečeká na přípoje
2. Praha-Libeň17:1517:167
  • Train nečeká na přípoje
3. Nymburk hl.n.17:5317:5556
4. Poděbrady18:0018:0265
5. Chlumec nad Cidlinou18:2718:2994
6. Hradec Králové hl.n.18:50125
  • Seat reservation is available
  • Refreshments (delivery service or self-service machine)
  • The train has a carriage with wireless internet connection
  • AC 230 V outlet is available
  • Car or compartments reserved for passengers with children up to 10 years
  • Extended luggage transport (e.g. bikes) which requires reservation
  • Line R10
  • Valid also travel documents PID (Praha hl.n.->Chlumec n.Cidlinou)