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Train: R 607 Krušnohor

Route: Cheb - Prague

Carrier: České dráhy, a.s.

Route and schedule for: Fri, 12 Apr

1. Cheb06:240
2. Kynšperk nad Ohří06:3406:3514
3. Sokolov06:4706:4828
4. Chodov06:5706:5840
5. Karlovy Vary07:0807:1050
6. Ostrov nad Ohří07:2507:2662
7. Klášterec nad Ohří07:4707:4886
8. Kadaň-Prunéřov07:5207:5393
9. Chomutov08:0208:04107
10. Chomutov město08:0608:07110
11. Jirkov zastávka08:1008:11114
12. Most08:2308:25133
13. Bílina08:3508:37145
14. Teplice v Čechách08:4808:50159
15. Ústí nad Labem hl.n.09:0709:13178
16. Praha-Holešovice10:1410:14259
  • Connection to the underground
  • The train does not wait for any connections.
  • The train can leave as soon as the passengers have finished disembarking
17. Praha hl.n.10:24263
  • Connection to the underground
  • Seat reservation is available
  • Refreshments (delivery service or self-service machine)
  • on-board portal
  • The train has a carriage with wireless internet connection
  • AC 230 V outlet is available
  • Car or compartments reserved for passengers with children up to 10 years
  • Cinema for children
  • Extended luggage transport (e.g. bikes) which requires reservation
  • Suitable for disabled passengers (wheelchairs); the transportation has to be reserved in advance
  • Line R15
  • Valid also travel documents DÚK (Klášterec n.Ohří->Ústí n.L.hl.n.)